Crook County School District’s AVID Program – Preparing Students for College

AVID class for web

Crook County School District offers an elective class called AVID which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. AVID is an educational program that helps students flourish and become college-ready. The core component is the AVID elective, which supports students as they tackle the most rigorous classes. AVID’s teaching strategies, curriculum and training’s are so powerful, they are used not only in the AVID elective class, but by subject area teachers school-wide.

Almost all AVID students who participate for at least three years are accepted to college, with roughly three quarters getting into four-year universities.

Pictured is Taylor Rizzuti, sophomore at Crook County High School. Taylor said her plans are to attend college and eventually become a naval nurse and the AVID class will help her achieve this goal.

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