8th grade students help senior citizens connect with their families and friends digitally

Students assisting elder with phone
Crook County Middle School TECH (Teen Elder Computer Help) program was created when the 8th grade AVID Elective students partnered with the Central Oregon Council on Aging after receiving a grant from the Prineville Facebook Data Center.  The purpose of the program is to help seniors connect with their families and friends digitally.  The students make this possible by working with seniors from the community twice a month for an hour to teach them how to work their phones and computers more effectively.  So far, the students have helped seniors with many activities from setting up email accounts to using Facebook Messenger.  Both the students and the seniors have benefited significantly from the program and have enjoyed working with each other immensely.  The program has sparked so much interest and attention that the Central Oregonian featured the program in a November 25th article and more than a dozen new seniors from the community have signed up to take part in the program this school year.

Photo: 8th graders Kaiya Eller (left) and Ashley Christensen assist Ms. Spannaus with adding Facebook app on her phone

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