Student Spotlight – Chantae Grimes

The staff at Pioneer Alternative High School are proud to recognize Chantae Grimes.  Chantae epitomizes the character traits we hope all of our students personify.  Specifically, Chantae has a kind heart.  She willingly shares her gifts and talents with others at PHS.  This is not limited to a select group, but she reaches out to students who may feel marginalized by others.  Just yesterday during an informal cooking class, Chantae sought out possible beneficiaries for a snack that she was preparing.  Her enthusiasm sparked another student to join her and together they happily prepared and delivered treats to students and staff members alike.

Chantae’s work ethic is another admirable trait.  Even though she is an 11th grade student, she is attempting to graduate one full year ahead of schedule.  Currently, she is on track to fulfill that personal goal.  She has also made plans to attend college and pursue a degree in education.

In fact, she is able to fit tutoring and mentoring into her busy schedule.  This academic school year, she has served as a student tutor in Mr. Hulin’s third grade classroom.  She also tutors middle school students through the AVID program.  Recently, she became a team leader for “My Future, My Choice.”  Her infectious smile encourages those around her and we anticipate her becoming an inspiring teacher to future students.

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