School Supper – An after school program feeds middle/high school students


School Supper, an after school program, started in April 2017 for Crook County Middle and High school students. School Supper provides a meal which includes a protein, grain, fruit, vegetable and milk.

School Supper coincides with after school programs but students don’t need to belong to a program in order to participate. All students are welcome!

As of today, approximately 110 students have enjoyed the supper at the middle school and 75 from the high school daily. How does your child/student participate? Easy! They need to sign the sign in sheet in the cafeteria. Meals are provided at both the Middle and High School from 3:00 to 3:30 pm

It’s free!

Photo: Mitch Warren, 7th grader at Crook County Middle School said, “I think that it is a great opportunity, because lots of kids don’t get food at home. Sometimes they can’t afford it and it helps people in need. Plus I really like hamburgers.”

Further questions can be directed to the Nutrition Services at 541.416.4143.

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