Kathy Hayes is Retiring after 36 Years of Working for Crook County School District

After 36 years of working for Crook County School District, Kathy Hayes is looking forward to her retirement.

As a Records Clerk for Special Education, Kathy was responsible for scheduling meetings between parents and teachers, supporting all of the case managers in their daily tasks, and reviewing and managing documents to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. She said her job was like a huge jigsaw puzzle with pieces everywhere. When the puzzle finally comes together, you get to see and enjoy the job as a finished product. Kathy said she’ll miss working with her school district family.

Kathy is looking forward to not having to get up to a ringing alarm clock. She’ll have more time to enjoy her children and grandchildren without having to work on a schedule…which is total freedom to her.

Congratulations Kathy!


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