Stadium Bleachers

Stadium Bleacher Update

The Stadium bleachers have been completely retrofitted including replacement of the seat boards, guardrails, handrails, ramps and stairs. This project took longer than expected but was finished just in time for the track season.

Track is Finally Completed

Track is Finally Completed

After almost 3 months of work, the track project is now completed.  The project began right after graduation in early June and included digging out the old track, laying asphalt and several layers of track surface (black and then red) and painting of stripes.  The red color of the track was specifically chosen because it […]

Track Surface is ready for Stripes

Track surface is ready for stripes

The track is almost complete.  All that is left is striping which is scheduled to be done today and tomorrow.  The track will be finished ahead of schedule in time for the Blue & Gold football game this Saturday.

Track Surface in Process


The first layer of track surface is being laid which is black in color.  The final layer of track surface will be red. PLEASE DO NOT WALK ON TRACK SURFACE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!  Someone walked on the surface Tuesday evening and caused damage that had to be repaired.  The gates will be locked and signs […]

Track Project Update


After some delays due to the discovery of very wet clay soil, the track has a new asphalt surface that will need to cure for a few weeks before the track surface can be applied.  The new scheduled completion date is September 5th, in time for the first home football game.  

Crook County HS Track Field Layout- Option 1- Revised

Track Replacement This Summer

  The School District is planning to replace the running track located around the football field at Ward Rhoden Stadium.  The old track will be demolished and reconstructed and will include a track surface called BSS200, which is a very durable surface that has been used at many Central Oregon schools.  The new track will […]