Staff Development Calendar 2016-17

 Note: This document may change as new information becomes available
8/8/2016 Secretary Inservice District Office
8/23/2016 New Teacher Orientation  District Office
8/24/2016 New Teacher Orientation  Buildings
8/25/2016 All Staff in Buildings, Principal Welcome. CRE Tech Training from 1:00-2:00  Buildings
8/25/2016 Classified Required Safety Trainings / Insurance Sign-Up 12:30 – 3:30
Trainings are required to be completed by August 26.
CCHS Computer Lab for assistance . . or you may complete trainings in your building or dept.
8/26/2016 Teacher Work Day Buildings
8/26/2016 Classified Training as designated by School or Dept.  Buildings /Dept. / District Office
8/29/2016 Poverty/Trauma Informed PD/Eric Jensen (TBA) TBA
8/30/2016 Teacher Work Day Buildings
8/31/2016  High School – Tech Training/AVID/Instructional Strategies  CCHS
Middle School – AVID/Instructional Strategies CCMS
CRE/BBE – Instructional Strategies/ PBIS Buildings
9/1/2016 Teacher Work Day Buildings
9/23/2016  TAG PD, Angela Allen – Middle School a.m./Elementary School p.m.  TBA
50/50 High School – Tech Training for 1 to 1 program CCHS
10/14/16 Elementary:  Wonders Training  TBA
Dist. Secondary: 6-12 AVID training (Ridgeview HS) Ridgeview HS
Backup for Secondary: In-house AVID Training Buildings
 11/04/16  Grading Day  Buildings
01/26/17  Grading Day  Building
 01/27/17  Elementary – Test Security Training  Buildings
50/50  Secondary – Test Security  Buildings
02/17/17  Teacher Directed Work Day  Buildings
 03/10/17 Elementary – RTI Math TBA
50/50  HS – Tech/Avid  CCHS
MS – Avid/Instructional Strategies CCMS
04/07/17 Grading Day Buildings
06/12/17 Teacher Directed Work Day Buildings
06/13/17 Grading Day Buildings